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What Are Some Of The Ways Technology Will Affect The Future For STNAs?

Posted on August, 17, 2015 by admin

Technology has been changing STNA training for decades now, whether you believe this has been for better or worse. Those who have had careers in nursing for years now have likely seen changes both big and small in their field due to emerging technology. Advances such as the Internet, social media, and smart phones have all made their mark on advancing STNA careers. So what does this mean for you and your future in nursing?

Likely you, too, will see many technological changes in the future of your career. Here are some tech changes you may encounter in the future.

Patient Education
While this can sometimes feel overwhelming, with a patient trying to overshadow your professional opinion with one they’ve read online, the future improvement of online medicine may actually improve your patient’s visit. As the Internet continues to advance and provide more stable and accurate information on patient’s symptoms and potential conditions, patients will be able to better relate their ailments and possible or preferred treatment options.

Laboratory Testing Online
One such example of technology taking life as a STNA to an advanced level is Life Labs, a Canadian laboratory testing company. This month Life Labs announced their new online portal dubbed “My Results”, in which patients will be able to check their test results online, instead of waiting for a phone call or reporting in to their doctor or nurse. Test results including cytology, histology, genetics cytology, colon cancer checks or any other specialty tests will not be shared online.

That’s right, it’s finally happening. If Home Depot can have robot helpers, so can your hospital or nursing facility. While robots are not likely to be replacing nurses or doctors any time soon, their enhanced abilities certainly offer unimaginable help in the medical field. These robots are used in the operating room, and are even used to deliver supplies, offering nurses more one-on-one time with their patients.

Online Nursing Educations
While online schooling is not entirely new to the world of STNA classes and training, it certainly continues to improve as the years go by. Online training allows future STNA workers a flexible environment to pursue a rewarding career they wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to study. Access to advanced online textbooks, video classes, and one-on-one video conferencing with professors offers more hope for the nursing shortage.

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