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Prospective Careers For Certified Nursing Assistants

Posted on October, 31, 2016 by admin

CNA training involves learning basic nursing principles and performing supervised, hands-on clinical work. Training can be done at community colleges, vocational colleges and technical schools. A few nursing homes and hospitals also offer this type of training.

If are looking to expand your career beyond the level of a CNA, knowing your options is extremely important. Below are some nursing specialties and other medical support jobs that can be pursued:


A career as a sonographer or radiologist involves the use of heavy-duty machinery. The machines are used to take images of bones and soft tissues like internal organs. The images are then used by physicians to diagnose injuries and illnesses.

Psychiatric Aide

A psychiatric aide is trained to work in a hospital or mental health ward. Therefore, you will work along with other mental health workers like psychiatrists and psychologists. You will also be able to work with short-term patients in need of acute care or housed patients needing long-term care.

Medical School

If you have an overwhelming desire to practice medicine, pursuing a career as a doctor is one way to go. However, the process can take as much as 12 years of studying; therefore, a career as a CNA can help you to make a living, while working on your medical degree.

Advanced Practice Nursing

This opens up a number of opportunities for CNAs who are seeking career advancement. The niches into which CNAs can move include critical care, gynecology, palliative care and psychiatric nursing.

With the aging population on the increase, the demand for CNAs is quite high. It is also expected that the number of jobs will rapidly increase over the next few years. If you are considering successful career paths within the medical field, becoming a CNA is a remarkable method of gaining experience. While pursuing CNA career advancement opportunities, you will be able to pursue a degree, while earning with your CNA training in variety of medical facilities.