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Are you or your family member eligible for PASSPORT?

Posted on June, 19, 2013 by admin

Aging gracefully can be tough for seniors as well as their families. Many seniors need a level of care that their families are unable to provide, which can take a toll on relationships and cause stress. At Premier Choice Health Services, we understand how difficult this time of life can be and we can help. We are knowledgeable about home health care services such as PASSPORT, which allow your loved one to age with success, health, and independence.

PASSPORT stands for Pre-Admission Screening Services Providing Options and Resources Today and provides home health care services for eligible applicants.

Who is eligible for PASSPORT?

  • Applicants must be over the age of 60
  • They must require a level of care typically provided in nursing homes, yet have the approval of a physician to remain safely at home
  • They must be financially eligible to receive Medicaid benefits just as if they were applying for nursing home care (make less than $2,130 per month, with less than $1,500 in countable resources).
  • They must not require care more than 60% of the cost of nursing home care.

Why consider PASSPORT?

  • It is difficult to transition from being independent to needing health care. Relocating to a nursing home facility can be traumatizing and often embarrassing for seniors. PASSPORT services relieve the difficult transition by providing health care in the home. Seniors can remain independent and members of their community while still receiving the health care that they need.

Why use Premier Choice Health Services?

  • At PCHS, we care for your loved one as if they are family. We are educated about home health care services such as PASSPORT and are completely committed to providing the highest standard of care for you or your loved one. Our caregivers are put through a rigorous screening process to ensure that they will be a suitable fit for you and your family. Our care managers closely supervise our caregivers so that every service member is accountable and responsible.

Ease the transition in the life of you and your loved one and inquire about PASSPORT through Premier Choice Health Services today.

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