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Bright Future Projected for Ohio STNAs

Posted on August, 19, 2013 by admin

Nothing is certain in today’s economy, but for those pursuing STNA jobs, the future is bright. There has been a well-documented shortage of qualified candidates for open nursing and nursing assistant jobs for quite some time. The disproportionate number of open STNA jobs to qualified candidates can be attributed to several factors including a booming elderly population. As more and more nursing-home and long-term-care facilities open to accommodate the growing elderly population, an increasing number of STNA jobs will become available. Since the current number of open STNA jobs outnumbers the number of qualified candidates, those who are qualified will have a relatively easy time finding jobs and keeping them. STNA employment is expected to grow by 20% over the next decade, well above the overall expected employment growth rate.

Another factor that promises to increase the demand for STNAs is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Signed into law in early 2010, PPACA completely overhauls the current United States healthcare system. It will require every American to purchase health insurance over the next few years and will force all businesses within the healthcare industry to reexamine their current business practices to make sure that they conform to the new law. It is hard to predict exactly what the law will mean for STNAs, but at a very high level it will increase the number of patients in the system which will increase the amount of required STNAs at healthcare facilities across the nation.

The median salary for STNAs, orderlies, and attendants in today’s market is $24,760. This is below the overall median for all occupations, but is expected to grow faster than the national rate because of the projected job surplus alluded to earlier. STNAs must be certified and often move on to higher paying jobs very quickly in their career. They learn a great deal in their training and while on the job which makes them ideal candidates for more advanced positions.

The first step for prospective STNAs is to become certified by passing the State Board Exam for Nursing Aides. Premier Choice Health Services (PCHS) offers STNA training in Columbus, Ohio. We help our students develop the skills and knowledge base that they need to pass their boards and qualify for the STNA jobs that they want. Our program has a 98% pass rate and offers students a variety of different payment plans. If you are interested in becoming a certified STNA in the state of Ohio, contact Premier Choice Health Services today to get started. If you are a certified STNA seeking employment, browse current openings on PCHS’s STNA employment page. We have partnered with several reputable healthcare providers in Columbus and other Ohio markets to provide a large list of current openings.

All statistics were retrieved from the Bureau of Labor Statistics section on Nursing Aides, Orderlies, and Attendants

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