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Safety Tips For STNAs

Posted on June, 24, 2015 by admin

Working as an STNA may not initially strike you as a dangerous profession, but the truth is there will always be certain things to keep an eye out for while on the job. Workplace injuries, allergies, and patient violence are all possibilities of the job when it comes to working as an STNA. The best thing you can do is educate yourself of the potential hazards in the nursing field and better prepare for how to handle them should they arise.

Learn Proper Lifting
You probably remember your boss at your very first job teaching you the proper way to lift heavy items, and now is no time to forget that good advice! The vast majority of STNA injuries reported are all neck and back pain from improperly lifting a patient. Refresh yourself on the proper way to lift heavy items (over 50 pounds): squat down before lifting, keeping the heavy object close to your body, straighten and lift with your legs. Never bend down to pick something up!

Another great tip: push instead of pull whenever it’s appropriate to do so. This will put as little stress on your body as possible.

Let Your Superiors Know Of Any Allergies
One allergy that commonly affects nursing staff is the latex allergy. The powder found on the inside of latex gloves can often cause a rash on those who are allergic. Opt for powder-free gloves and keep your hands clean.

Curb The Spreading Of Infections
As a STNA you should be experienced in washing your hands with soap and water nearly every chance you get. Not only will this help keep you clean and healthy, it will also prevent the spreading of infections to and from patients.

Workplace Violence
Dealing with sick patients, either mentally or physically, may sometimes pose a challenge. The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics reported 2,050 assaults reported by RNs in 2009, and while this is a rare occurrence overall it is still a possibility. Keep yourself safe and secure by knowing safety precautions for your workplace, avoid aggressive behaviour with your patients, trust your instincts, and carry yourself with a calm and approachable demeanor.

Even if you don’t feel such a situation would ever arise, you should always brush up on your workplaces’ violence prevention programs and policies. And remember to report harassment or physically violent behaviour immediately to your superiors.

Working as an STNA is a rewarding career, one that is no stranger to safety procedures. Educate yourself on workplace safety measures. Proper training for potentially hazardous situations will ensure you’ll enjoy the safest work environment possible.