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Top 10 Traits All STNAs Must Possess

Posted on May, 18, 2015 by admin

Those who are coming close to the end of their STNA training classes are probably curiously looking to the future of their nursing careers and wondering what kind of STNA they will be. While not all STNA’s are the same, there are 10 key traits they possess in order to get their tasks accomplished. While not all of these traits come naturally, all are necessary and beneficial to your career in the nursing field.

1. Empathy
Having fellow feeling for your patients is an extraordinary personality trait that will make all the difference to both you and your patients. As a nurse, you will be dealing with injured and ill patients, as well as their families and loved ones every single day.

2. Physically Capable
As a nurse you will be standing and doing physically demanding labor for most of the day. Good physical endurance is key to being an STNA, as lifting patients, helping them perform bodily tasks, and being on your feet all day is a regular part of the job.

3. Reliability
In any job, reliability is a well-favored trait. Your employers need to know that you are going to show up on time, do your job effectively, and be ready for whatever circumstances may come up. All the more so in the STNA field when you have not just co-workers, but patients relying on you for help each day.

4. Impartiality
As a STNA your job is to care for every patient who comes through your door, regardless of the color of their skin, their background, or their beliefs. Having an unbiased, impartial attitude toward your patients will show that you care and help you avoid picking favorites.

5. Able to Make Quick Judgment Calls
During your training you were likely taught that things can move fast in the nursing world, so when an emergency arises and your patient needs treatment fast you’ll have to think on your feet and make a judgement call without hesitation.

6. Trust and Respect
Earning the respect and trust of your patients and the staff around you, as well as giving it back in return will make you a valuable asset to your team. Your patients are not always going to be in the most dignified of positions, by showing them respect and dignity your patients will learn to trust you and will feel more at ease during their stay.

7. Attention to Detail
As a STNA you are responsible for remembering details and facts about each patient, including their medications, allergies, and personal details. Having a fantastic memory and great attention to detail will help you in this regard.

8. Emotional Stability
As a nurse you go through a myriad of emotions while on the job. Some are amazing, such as seeing a patient recover and finally get to return home, and some are devastating, such as the loss of a long-term patient. Many STNA’s develop close bonds with their patients and will need to brace themselves should anything take a turn for the worse. Emotional strength is a key trait for continuing as an STNA.

9. A Hard Work Ethic
Nursing is not an easy job, in fact many say it’s quite difficult, but if you are determined and have an excellent work ethic you’ll go far in your new career. Patience, endurance, and a willingness to take on new challenges are all part of having a hard work ethic.

10. Communication Skills
Having great communication skills is not only useful in everyday life and relationships, but it is one of the best traits you can have in the nursing field. As a nurse, having regular, clear, and open communication between your patients, their families, the nursing staff, cleaners, and doctors will make you extremely effective at your job.

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