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An Overview Of Physical Therapy For Seniors

Posted on April, 27, 2017 by admin

Many older people suffer from health problems related to lack of strength, and impeded mobility and balance. All of these issues can be helped by physical therapy for seniors. Medical conditions that often receive this type of therapy include arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis.

There are different styles of physical therapy for seniors. Manual therapy is one example, which involves rubbing and manipulating the patients’ muscles and joints. The aim of this therapy is to boost circulation, and bring back mobility that was lost due to disease or injury. This treatment also counteracts pain.

Exercise is another form of geriatric physical therapy. This is classed as physical activity which patients perform, in addition to their normal day to day routine. The aim of this therapy is to improve and sustain flexibility, physical stamina and coordination. Exercises typically include walking, stretching or certain movements focusing on problematic regions of the body. Companies like Premier Choice Health Services (PCHS) will customize the exercises to the particular requirements of patients.

There are lots of hidden dangers in the home that many seniors are unaware of – which can hinder their treatment. PCHS offers guidance to seniors, to help them make the necessary changes to their properties to ensure a speedy and safe recovery. The company provides a range of physical therapy options, including exercise routines that improve coordination and balance, increase strength, manage pain, stimulate the movement of muscles, and enhance motor skills and mobility.

Over the long term, this allows patients to become more independent. Also, physical therapy for seniors can help people to avoid falls. This is vital for this age group, because these incidents can be life threatening. Geriatric rehabilitation does not only safeguard from injuries, it improves people’s self esteem and allows patients to stay active and engaged with their community.