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How to Get Recertified with an Expired Ohio STNA Certification

Posted on August, 15, 2012 by admin

State Tested Nurse Aides must receive certification from the state where they wish to work. STNAs who do not renew their certification prior to the expiration date cannot work as a STNA until they fulfill the requirements to have certification reinstated. In most states, a STNA certification must be renewed every two years. However, what happens if your STNA certification has expired? What can you do to get recertified?

According to the State of Ohio, if an individual wishes to remain on the nurse aide registry as eligible to work as a STNA but is not eligible because more than 24 consecutive months have passed since the last date of verified work, the individual must do one of the following:

● Submit documentation showing that you have provided at least seven and one-half consecutive hours or eight hours in a 48-hour period of nursing and nursing-related services for compensation during a 24-month period; or

● Successfully complete additional training and competency evaluation.

Premier Choice Health Services’ STNA training courses are recognized as the cream of the crop and are comprised of a more-than-adequate classroom and clinical skills training. This is the reason their graduation and successful state-testing rates are the highest in the region. But if you find yourself in a situation where your STNA certification has expired, PCHS’ refresher courses are equally designed to provide everything that you need on your road to recertification.

If your STNA certification has expired or you feel you could benefit from one-on-one help to brush up your skills and techniques to ensure you successfully conquer the State’s STNA test to regain your certification, contact PCHS today!

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Posted by: Sonya Gordey

Looking to get recertified for my STNA, started going to school full time and didn’t utilize my training. In the very near future will be relocating and the use of this will be very beneficial to me gaining employment.

Posted by: eugeniasalyer

I would like to get back in to the stna but I let my number exprired and would like to reinstate it did not know if I could don a refreshing class on line thank you

Posted by: Penny B

Where can I go to get recertified? Out for a year and half on medical leave Certification expired.