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Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 October 2012 16:31

What is an STNA?

Everyone knows doctors work from hospitals or offices where they see their patients every once in a while and dole out prescriptions and diagnoses.  Nurses work alongside these doctors, meeting with patients when the patients have a specific need.  But what about the times when there is not one specific need but a condition that needs taken care of daily?  Who is there when someone needs the constant help of a medical professional just to make it through the day?  That is where a State Tested Nurses Aide, or an STNA, steps in.  An STNA doesn’t offer the gift of life; they offer the gift of living.

What is an STNA? An STNA is an individual who helps patients with mental or physical impairments or other health concerns with daily life.  They may work with patients in hospitals, nursing homes or even in patients’ homes, allowing them better manage their lives.  Though under-recognized and often overlooked, a State Tested Nurses Aide is a crucial part to any medical team and necessary to people everywhere.

The many tasks of an STNA may include the taking and recording of vital signs, recording and reporting of a patient’s well-being, and helping a patient with everyday tasks such as bathing, eating, or shopping.  Essentially, an STNA is the first line of defense in the medical field when helping people with ongoing medical concerns.

Finding the difference between an STNA and any other person helping a patient is as easy as looking at their title.  An STNA is state tested and therefore, is regulated to make sure they are competent.  Someone helping a patient may have the right intentions but an STNA has the right training.  Additionally, an STNA will also probably be wearing scrubs.

Aside from the ability to dramatically help those in need, one of the best things about becoming an STNA is how quickly you can launch into a career in nursing.  A course can take as little as two and a half weeks, which can get you out and working very quickly.  As far as jobs go, there are few nearly as rewarding as that of an STNA. Check out how to become an STNA today!

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 September 2012 17:20

How to Get Started on Becoming a STNA

If you are interested in becoming a highly visible member of a healthcare team that provides excellent, compassionate care to the ailing, disabled, elderly, and/or injured in their homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities, a career as a State Tested Nurse Aide would be rewarding career for you!

Becoming a STNA is easier to achieve than you may think. The training required to become a state tested nursing assistant includes classroom learning, as well as clinical training. Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to take the State required test. Once you pass the State test, you will be listed in the State’s nurse aide registry as being eligible to work as a STNA within the state.

Premier Choice Health Services’ STNA training program consists of a 75-hour course comprised of 59 hours of classroom learning and 16 hours of clinical experience at a long-term care facility. It is an excellent program that more-than-adequately prepares an individual to take the State text successfully. Better yet, after successful completion of the STNA classes training program, participants get unlimited free review and are eligible to take the state certification exam.

Attending PCHS’ STNA program is also easy on the budget! Their STNA program is the most affordable in the region at only $395.00, which includes books and materials. Better yet, PCHS has financial aid available through Ohio Job and Family Services and all county and local offices that provide assistance to individuals looking to obtain or advance in a career.

Another affordable option is their 90-day No Credit Check Student Loan Program. All that you need to qualify are:

●     Valid Checking Account

●     Valid Driver's License, State ID or Military ID

●     Proof of Employment or Income

You create a convenient payment plan that can be paid over a 90-day period with the affordable payments automatically deducted from your checking account.

What are you waiting for? Contact Premier Choice Health Services to enroll in STNA classes in Columbus Ohio today. Before you know it, you will be in a rewarding career as a STNA!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 September 2012 17:55

How to Get Recertified with an Expired Ohio STNA Certification

State Tested Nurse Aides must receive certification from the state where they wish to work. STNAs who do not renew their certification prior to the expiration date cannot work as a STNA until they fulfill the requirements to have certification reinstated. In most states, a STNA certification must be renewed every two years. However, what happens if your STNA certification has expired? What can you do to get recertified?

According to the State of Ohio, if an individual wishes to remain on the nurse aide registry as eligible to work as a STNA but is not eligible because more than 24 consecutive months have passed since the last date of verified work, the individual must do one of the following:

● Submit documentation showing that you have provided at least seven and one-half consecutive hours or eight hours in a 48-hour period of nursing and nursing-related services for compensation during a 24-month period; or

● Successfully complete additional training and competency evaluation.

Premier Choice Health Services’ STNA training courses are recognized as the cream of the crop and are comprised of a more-than-adequate classroom and clinical skills training. This is the reason their graduation and successful state-testing rates are the highest in the region. But if you find yourself in a situation where your STNA certification has expired, PCHS’ refresher courses are equally designed to provide everything that you need on your road to recertification.

If your STNA certification has expired or you feel you could benefit from one-on-one help to brush up your skills and techniques to ensure you successfully conquer the State’s STNA test to regain your certification, contact PCHS today!

Last Updated on Monday, 20 August 2012 16:27

Prevent Loneliness for the Elderly with Home Health Services

Loneliness is defined as feeling left out or isolated or lacking companionship. Let’s face it, no one likes to be alone, but unfortunately for the elderly, loneliness is lethal. Recent research suggests that loneliness leads to deteriorating health and even earlier-than-expected death. The fact that seniors are living among others doesn’t mean they will not succumb to loneliness. Almost two-thirds of seniors in the research conducted by the University of California San Francisco reported feeling lonely even though they were married or living with a partner.

As people age, they sometimes find themselves facing an illness, separation from family, a disability, or simply a loss of skills necessary to accomplish the daily tasks of living they are accustomed to. The transition from one’s home to a nursing facility often leaves the elderly feeling useless, depressed and unimportant. Hiring a home health service for seniors is a great way to not only give them someone to talk to throughout the day but also allow them to be independent in their own home.

 Home Health Aides and State Tested Nurse Aides make a difference in the lives of elderly patients and help them combat loneliness in the following ways:

●     Offer emotional support by listening attentively with patience and compassion.

●     Instead of criticizing the feelings expressed, redirect their focus on the positive and offer them hope.

●     Render excellent care utilizing the most up-to-date skills and technique.

●     Communicate clearly with other medical professionals involved, such as doctors, nurses, specialists, and even the patient’s family, to ensure he/she receives accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

●     Last, but certainly not least, offer moral support.

At Premier Choice Health Services, we provide individuals with the skills and tools necessary to provide attentive health assistance to the elderly and the know-how to make a difference in their lives. If you, too, have a passion for senior care and are interested in nurse assistant training, contact Premier Choice Health Services for more information on their Home Health Aide (HHA) and State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) programs.

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 August 2012 20:11
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