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If you’re wondering about the social component of healing, we recommend thinking about our Medical Social Service Program. Studies have proven that as we heal and age, socialization is critical to our happiness and health.

Our patients love our social practitioners. Remember, one critical part of living a quality lifestyle is being able to connect with people on a deep level no matter the age. Many of our patients enjoy conversing with our social support staff.

Perhaps you may not wish for your family member to spend time in a rehabilitation facility. Or more commonly, the patient wants to return to living at home where he or she feels most comfortable. In these types of cases, a visiting nurse is ideal not only for medical follow up but also to establish a pattern of positive socialization.

What Do Our Medical Social Service Providers Do?


Whether it’s advocating for patients or simply spending quality time with them, our team members are devoted to improving the emotional stability of our patients.

The benefits of utilizing our nursing and support staff in socialization integration is we’re experts at engaging people who may not receive family visitors or support from friends. Some of our services stem from our beliefs that:

  • Patients deserve the be treated with respect.
  • Care comes in all forms including emotional support.
  • Providing socialization support is vital to the healing process.

All too often the socialization component of healing is overlooked for good reason. Medical treatment is a priority. However, we’ve seen patients surpass their doctor’s recovery expectations when a consistent socialization plan is created.

Financial and medical questions are common among patients who are ill. In our socialization visits we also act as a resource helping patients better understand issues such as insurance coverage, health plans and the process of healing.

Our nursing staff also consults with doctors and family members as we develop a socialization patient assessment. Some of our duties include:

  • Recommending new treatment options.
  • Helping patients understand the healing process.
  • Finding post-treatment resources.
  • Act as a care provider based on the patient’s schedule.

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